8-7-2005: See notice below.
4-22-2005 added: NES PC Transfer cable, opened: NES Hardware Projects section.
3-12-2005 added: Paranoiz noise channel editor, and Nintendo Entertainment System Documentation. Linked to: SNES Central Development Page
2-11-2005 added: docs to GZS test program.
1-28-2005 noted: PDRoms Coding Competition 3, linked to wayfar.net. Shorter forum url: nesdev.com/bbs/
9-27-2004 added: NinTech doc, FDS Sound doc, linked to: Game Development for the 8-bit NES course.
6-9-2004 added: FTP site mirror, 4 demos by Quietust, GZS sound test program, link to 3-in-1 NSF. Updated: link to 3-in-1 multicart.
5-22-2004 updated: NES palette, fixed: spaces in links (for improved browser compatibilty)
5-12-2004 added: NES APU Sound Hardware Reference doc. linked: NES Sound Emulation
5-11-2004 added: Deadline Console 2004 invitation intro, NEStress test program, NES Palette, NES hardware development guide doc, NES emulator development guide doc, Famicom Disk System technical reference doc, 2A03 technical reference doc, NTSC 2C02 technical reference doc, 6502 hex-to-mnemonix utility, FDS copy tool 2 scanned docs (Japanese), NED2NSF music utility. Updated: Multi-direction scrolling demo. If you submitted anything that I forgot to add in this update, please remind me.
12-15-2003 added: complete site download link - includes everything on this site (53.95 MB). [more info and comments] NESmas demo, 2003 MiniGame Compo multicart featuring the following games: BoxBoy minigame, Escape from Pong minigame, Munchie Attack minigame, Bomber 4K minigame, Galaxy Patrol minigame, Galaxy Patrol Enhanced game, DMC-Based Saw Waves demo and info, MCK/MML Beginners Guide English and Chinese docs, The Skinny on NES Scrolling (Portuguese) doc, Detailed DMC Operation doc, linked to 2A03.org (new NSF archive), Making NSFs under UNIX info. Fixed: link to MCK
10-15-2003 news: 2003 MiniGame Compo entries are available (including 5 for NES), voting ends October 26th. added: IDA Interactive Disassembler (freeware version), FASM assembler, FDS Copy Tool info (Japanese) (thanks, Tomy). linked: VideoGame Wiz, Tototek.
9-6-2003 updated: NES Emulation Discussion doc
9-5-2003 added: MIDIMML converter, linked to: uCON64, ZD SNES Dev Section, fixed: author credit for Game Genie Code Coverter by Zazer (thanks, Dario)
9-1-2003 added: Years Behind music rom (PAL mode only), 6502 Microprocessor Info (Chinese) translation.
8-3-2003 added: NES Documentation Chinese translation. Fixed: 3-in-1 multi link.
7-30-2003 added: BKG Graphics Test game, NESrev disassembler, Game Genie Code Coverter tool, updated: NES Architecture doc link (also Russian and Portugese translations), Sounds of the 2A03, linked to: Kent Hansen's page.
6-7-2003 added: Overtest program, The Skinny on NES Scrolling (Spanish translation), updated: Sounds of the 2A03 and Tracked NES Music. News: 2003 MiniGame Compo is going on. Famicompo voting period ends July 15th.
5-25-2003 Famicompo, an NSF competition, started May 1st. Submissions will be accepted until June 15th. Added: NES ROM Pinouts, NES EPROM Conversions, EPROM Pinouts, SH657X Toolkit (for NES-on-a-chip, not the NES itself), fixed: a few links, linked: NES HQ (NES info site). Please email me (or post on the forum) if I missed anything.
3-20-2003 added: Site Index, NES to Famicom Adapter doc, NES Zapper to Famicom doc, NSF Player for SNES utility.
2-19-2003 added: Raster Demo by Norix, updated: 2A03 sound channel hardware doc, NTSC delta modulation channel doc, NTSC 2C02 technical operation doc, Famicom 4-Player Adapters tech doc, Sack of Flour, Heart of Gold, linked to: nbasic (high-level programming language for NES)
2-7-2003 released: Downloadable copy of this site. This file is on the ED2K network, you'll need either Emule (recommended) or Edonkey2000. Please don't download the whole site through the webserver anymore, or we could lose our hosting. You can help prevent that by downloading this file and keeping it shared. The size is 49.9MB, and includes everything available here (and a tiny bit more). discuss this here. Updated: Sounds of the 2A03 with many, many NSFs. (thanks, Chibi-Tech!)
2-4-2003 updated: 2C02 Technical Operation (PPU doc). fixed: link to DPCM HowTo.
2-2-2003 added: TANESPOT (PAL NES demo), GITS2 (TV test program), mappers.nfo file viewer (thanks, Troy), alternate NES "on a chip" pinout, updated: NTSC PPU doc updated and renamed to 2C02 Technical Operation (PPU doc), NT2 Site (added some .NEDs), SNES Cart Hacking Info, fixed: a link, 2A03 pinout (previous one was incorrect)
1-05-2003 linked: Nerdtracker 2, added: Manhole, FDS Disk Lister, updated: FDS Loader (was updated 11-21), Nintendo Disksystem Sound. I lost my emails and contact list in late December, anyone who hasn't heard from me since then needs to email me.
10-30-2002 added: Japanese FCdev messageboard, Masmix and Matrix games, link to SUGIMO's homepage, Dragon Quest song to tracked music, a few links to the SNES section.
10-26-2002 sorted: FDS stuff from Misc into new FDS section, added: Siudym's demo, PPU Addressing doc, link to vsync.org (Japanese), link to NES Hack Factory, updated: FDS Loader documentation, Famicom Disk System Disk Drive/RAM Adaptor Technical Briefing, Getting FDS disk games to boot that normally don't doc, Famicom Disk System ROM BIOS & I/O Port Documentation, NES Emulation Discussion doc, tracked music with alternate Klax song.
10-23-2002 added: FDS Test demos.
10-19-2002 2002 MiniGame Compo has ended. moved: update history, added: Froggy 1K game, link to NES ASM Tutorial, link to SMS Flash devcart and Motherboard Flash Method, Roller Coaster sine-generating PC util, Blocks demo, Bill World game (early version), Chess, a Klax song to tracked music section, FDS BIOS Disassembly, Shortz and I Love U! to Sounds of the 2A03, Famicom schematic (thanks to Ubaldo Prones!), link to RomLabratory. Updated: BRK instruction doc.
9-9-2002 added: link to Strangulation Games, Hot Seat Harry 1K game.
9-6-2002 added: link to NES Music Authors List Japanese version.
9-5-2002 added: Po-Barabanu (DanceDanceDendy Mix) and fx 2.0 to Sounds of the 2A03, GITS TV test program Russian and English versions, SNES Cart Hacking Info, several Megaman mods to tracked NES music page.
8-27-2002 added: Tracked music by Chibi-Tech to Sounds of the 2A03, Minachun Disassembler for 6502 Famicom(NES). More updates coming soon.
8-25-2002 added: Rophon's music to Sounds of the 2A03, MML > MCK document in english, link to DPCM HowTo
8-11-2002 belated site update. added: link to MCK music software, link to 2002 1K MiniGame Compo, link to Sack of Flour, Heart of Gold game, FDS Sound document, NES Emulation Discussion document, updated: The 'B' flag & BRK instruction document, 6502 matrix document, FDS Loader documentation, removed: bad links
4-30-2002 added: Famicom Disk System Loader PC-interface project, FDS Disk Drive/RAM Adaptor Technical Briefing, Getting FDS disk games to boot that normally don't, 6502 Instruction Set Matrix, The 'B' Flag doc, Legacy of the Wizard map viewer, Diffusion Chamber demo, New Playchoice 10 BIOS. Updated: Nintendo Playchoice 10 Hardware Description
4-16-2002 added: Nintendo Playchoice 10 Hardware Description, Jumpy demo, YY-Chr tile editor. Updated: NES Music Authors List
4-2-2002 added: BombSweeper removed: some outdated links
3-25-2002 updated: NES 101
2-28-2002 online: Parodius is back online, and so are the messageboards added: link to www.vgmix.com
2-26-2002 new mirror: nesdev.icequake.net Thanks Ryan, and everyone else who's offered to help out while Parodius was down.
1-2-2002 updated: NES 101, Megaman Rom Tech Doc fixed: links to BlueTech Note: A current project I'm working on has kept me thorougly distracted, so if I forgot to add any contributed files please notify me.
11-26-2001 added: Donkey Kong Classics and Wizards and Warriors 2 pinouts, Megaman 5 Waveman to music page, updated: Famicom Four-Player Adapter
10-30-2001 added: NES 101 A tutorial for otherwise experienced programmers, link to P65 Assembler, link to MOS 6500 Microcomputer Family Programming Manual updated: Megaman 1 ROM tech doc
10-19-2001 added: Famicom Cartridge Connector Pinout, SMB2 pinout, link to VORC (Japanese/English chip and game music news site), link to Hardware Console Design, link to NESp, link to HappyCart BSW2000 (2600), link to Cuttle Cart (2600) updated: NES programming doc fixed: DASM
10-14-2001 added: Sayoonara demo.
9-27-2001 added: BMPNES and Super Fighter demo
9-24-2001 added: Scrolling demo, Megaman 1 ROM tech doc, NES programming doc, new section at Sounds of the 2A03
8-24-2001 added: CATalogue, NES System Architecture (Chinese), Famicom Four-Player Adapter Technical Document, updated: tracked music (thanks Ben!), fixed: messageboards now 100% error-free (thanks koitsu!)
7-11-2001 added: 2 docs in French, Assembleur sur NES and NES tech doc, link to NesDev Zone (French site), updated: tracked music
6-11-2001 added: 3-in-1 multi, goroh's mapper docs re-translated, set 1 and set 2, updated: tracked music
5-17-2001 added: link to Retrocoders, FDSList v1.2 Amiga and Win9x versions.
5-15-2001 added: 2 songs to Sounds of the 2A03
5-8-2001 added: City intro
5-4-2001 added: CHR-ROM Creator, Tile Layer Pro updated: Sounds of the 2A03
4-30-2001 added: link to NES Technical FAQ
4-27-2001 added: NSF2MIDI (english version)
4-26-2001 added: link to Open tUME, Boing intro, Raster demos, Stretch demo, link to NES Dissassembler, link to Dintendo NSF Project, Skate or Die 2 title song updated: Sounds of the 2A03, tracked music page, Solar Wars
3-31-2001 added: Rockwell 650x and 651x specs, RTC demo updated: Sounds of the 2A03, Zero Pong, NES Music Authors list
2-23-2001 changed: most text files are now unzipped. Try them on Babelfish!
2-20-2001 added: Pong updated: tracked music
2-17-2001 updated: Sounds of the 2A03
2-15-2001 updated: NES Music Authors List
2-14-2001 updated: Sounds of the 2A03, tracked music added: icon for when an IE user bookmarks this site
2-12-2001 added: DOS versions of Chris Covell's graphics tools (forgot to mention it in the last update), updated: Zero Pong, NES Music Author List fixed: the messageboards came back after going away for a few days.
1-11-2001 added: more NSFs to Sounds of the 2A03 fixed: links to DASM unfixed: loopypal.txt is still missing (anyone have this file?)
1-9-2001 new section: Sounds of the 2A03. added: NESdev logo (thanks Mankeli!), Sokoban game, Zero Pong game, GNOME vs. KDE game, Who's Cuter? demo, NED Format doc updated: links to Chris Covell's pages
10-12-2000 changed colors. new sections: message board, Dr. PC Jr, added: NTSC PPU timing, Famicom Circuitry RE, DASM (Amiga and PC), link to WLA DX (a multi-platform assembler), link to 6502 Cross-Development Languages and Tools List, link to NES Remixes
9-21-2000 updated: music section, added River City Ransom and Rygar mods.
9-20-2000 added: english translated FDS doc, Megaman X sprite demo, link to Doctor PC Jr Development Page
9-10-2000 released: Gradius Ned-Mix NSF, here fixed: links to Chris Covell's pages
9-7-2000 added: link to The Minibosses (NES music cover band) and Dropoff 7 (my band, original stuff and NES covers). 2 original NSFs released here today.
9-1-2000 fixed: 2 broken links on the music page
8-29-2000 resurrected: music section
8-24-2000 added: How NES Graphics Work (Dutch)
8-23-2000 added: NEStech 2.0 dutch translation.
8-21-2000 added: started keeping an update history, updated: Delta Modulation Tutorial
8-15-2000 added: The Story of Dropoff 7 intro, NES and FDS sound patents.